What inspired us?

We wanted to create an application that not only achieves a good work-life balance but also made work more enjoyable and rewarding. We concluded that a web application would be the best way forward through modular design due to universal access and simplicity.

What we learned:

We learned that the ability of an individual to have a more enjoyable work-life balance is significantly impacted by how they compartmentalize their tasks and a system of rewards. Understanding this, we decided to leverage different modern web development tools such as Node.js, MongoDB, and PUG.

How we built it?

For the front-end development of the web application we implemented HTML, CSS, and Javascript. We further implemented open source libraries such as FullCalendar to help with the developmental process. We utilized Node.JS, MongoDB and PUG for the back-end development. Particularly, we made use of MongoDB and Node.JS to construct web servers and databases that are crucial to the application's function.

Challenges we faced:

We had to overcome the learning curve of four different tools within the time constraints of 24 hours.

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