Rescue centers such as SPCA are often overflowing with unwanted or mistreated pets, only waiting for a caring owner who could take them home. However, the online catalog of available pets can be difficult to navigate, as personality and behaviour traits are either missing or contained in a lengthy, disorderly text. To facilitate and promote adoption, we decided to tackle this issue ourselves: instead of the owner looking for specific dogs, we could instead automatically match the best dog to a person’s lifestyle.

What it does

We created a platform that allowed a user to fill in a form to find the perfect match based on his lifestyle and his family. After searching through the list of all available dogs, the one having the most criteria fitting the user will be presented to him, and the option of being redirected to this dog’s page on SPCA’s website is then offered to him, facilitating the whole process of adoption. The user also has the option to create an account, to keep track of his recent forms and/or adoptions, and to save his personal information for future adoption forms.

Challenges we ran into

For this hackathon, we wanted to experiment with web development. We took it slow and tried various ways of implementing the different features, which took longer than expected. It wasn’t easy to combine the contribution of each member together, and it took us quite a while.

What's next for dog.go

If possible, we would like to collaborate with SPCA to implement the improved features directly on their website. Moreover, expanding the database to all the animals available in shelters can be part of a future iteration of the product.

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