Have you ever wondered what the person next to you on the metro is headbanging to? We always wanted to know, so this inspired us to implement an app where you can check out what people nearby are listening to and listen yourself.

What it does

TuneIn will send you a list of suggested songs that others using TuneIn have been playing near your geo-location. The entries will be sorted by how close you are to the location where the song has been played. The application contains a music player that can play, pause and stop music. It allows you to search for any song that is indexed by Octave's music API.

How we built it

We used Android Studio, Node.js, Mongo.db and the Octave API.


HTTP request from Android and localization, as this was something we have never done before.


We were able to implement all of our core features even when we doubted that we would finish in time at 4am.

You continually struggle for self-improvement

What we learned

How Android Studio works, using the Octave API and localization with the phone.

What's next?

We would like to implement in the future user authentication, add friends, see people's listening history and learn more about artists you discover.

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