The inspiration of this application came from the idea that in the workplace, we all could be a little nicer to brighten the day. More often than not, communication between colleagues can result in extra stress on a person because of miscommunication and misunderstanding. Harmless buddy is a tool that leverages cloud technology to integrate into workplace meetings and provides metrics on the speech tone using sentiment analysis of the people speaking. The post meeting report provides a transcript of the report as well as an overall rating of the sentiment and mood of the people involved. This report also suggest more positive mannerisms to try to keep in mind for future meetings. The objective is to revolutionize the workplace by improving interpersonal communication between colleagues over time making mental health an important common goal for everyone.

What Harmless Buddy Does

Records your meeting or conversation and generates an instant feedback report on the degree or positivity of each sentence of the meeting. You can also see the metrics on the score of positivity of all the previous reports to see your improvement over time. The application makes suggestions on how to improve communication such as "Don't forget to listen more than you speak" or "Try to use more 'I' terminology instead of 'you' terminology to avoid unnecessary confrontation".

The future of the Harmless Buddy

The Harmless Buddy can grow into to have a number of wonderful different features. The next step for this application is to have a "translation" type feature where the user can obtain the more positive version of their inputted message. This can be an extension on slack or any chat related interface that the particular company uses.

Learning Opportunity

We are a team of software engineering students from very different backgrounds. The project demanded a use of frameworks that we were unfamiliar with which allowed for the learning of new things. We had very high expectations and it ended in a positive experience and a product we are all very proud of.

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