A multiplayer game similar to the classic Snake arcade game that teaches how to recycle

The purpose of Snakecycle is to teach recycling etiquette while having fun getting a high score! The game will teach players the rules of recycling:

  • Different types of recycling must go in different bins
  • Soiled plastic must be washed before being recycled
  • Soiled paper must be composted instead of recycling
  • Trash cannot be recycled and recycle should never be put in the trash

Each of these rules are added gradually to offer a pleasant learning curve.

How to run:

Make sure you have the Angular CLI installed.

Run npm install in the folder.

Run ng build to build the frontend.

Finally, node server.js will run the server. Access it at localhost:3000

Enter your username and click start! You can move using W, A, S, D.

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