We faced a lot of challenges trying to pick our initial idea. We wanted to focus more on an AR style Android app that could be played solo or with friends but encountered many issues immediately and along the way. From environment setup issues to Unity constantly crashing or not responding on multiple machines. Due to this we switched our idea, however this was done quite far into the hackathon, reducing the amount of time we had to create this app.

We were inspired by different kinds of music, the speed they play it and how this could be manipulated to create a fun rhythm game. Couple this with the ability to face off against friends and co-workers to get the best scores, could lead to fun breaks while in the office, building competitive relationships between yourself and desk mates.

We all had experience with Java but no one had really created anything in Android before, so we wanted to stick to some sort of mobile project to gain this experience in a real work solution that we wouldn't necessarily get inside the classroom environment.

However we may have bit off more than we could chew, as we faced hurdles navigating the various Android Views and how to interact with them. Although the app is not really anywhere near completion unfortunately, it is still an experience to learn and have fun as this was all team members first hackathon, and hopefully not the last. There is always room to improve for the next time around.

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