In a big company, it can be easy to only get to know your team, but there are many other coworkers that you likely haven't met. Our Wellness Hub allows employees to sign up on a unified platform where they can attend events hosted by other coworkers at their company. Events can range from "Lunch & Learns", to outdoor activities, to coffee dates with a random coworker where you can both get to know each other.

Employees can make accounts in the system, registering under their company name.

How We Built It

We used Flask for the backend and Vue.js + Quasar for the frontend.

What Inspired You

We initially thought about doing something related to mental health, but we decided that a fusion of workplace and mental health would be a great combination. Since software development can often be a demanding career, it is extremely important for people to maintain personal relationships and have fun outside of work. This project is our attempt at something that could help with that.

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