We really enjoy the benefit and comfort of couch gaming. We also enjoyed VR content alot, and so we mixed them together and came up with a concept for a better control system in VR for more relaxed gaming.

What it does:

It demos a VR control concept that prevents motion sickness, saves cost by using wireless connection and mobile devices. It also provides movement in 8 different directions.

How we built it:

Using unity and a wireless connection app between the phone and a laptop keyboard we were able to build a basic model to prove our concept.


we ran into glitches and no controller were available for the testing process


that we're proud of wireless control, smooth movement, freedom of movement, and accessibility

What we learned:

various different solutions to problems that we came across.

What's next for ControlsConceptCheckup_VR_Demo:

further development over time, possible expansion into the VR market.

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