Smart Building not only refers to reduce human efforts but also energy efficiency and time saving.

In this Firebase is used in which appliances will later be connected to sensors and sensors give status of appliances to the web. Here electric appliances are operated by the website. The main objective of home automation and security is to help handicapped and aged people or any other people that fascinate home automation ,that will enable them to control home appliances and alert them in critical situations.

We also wanted to explore some new and amazing frameworks/technologies and this Hackathon turned out to be the perfect opportunity for us.

What it does

Our App provides a User Interface to Control all Smart Appliances,(Even the non-conventional ones) from one single App only!

How we built it-

Heavy Javascript,and Basic HTML and CSS for Front-End development:

  • The Front-end developers faced a problem while integrating the CSS grids into a javascript dominated landing page because the layout would break often,but we soon devised a solution to it.

Firebase Platform for Back-End development:

  • The Backend was created using the Cloud Firestore and Hosting provided by Google Cloud Platform and working that involved accessing and storing information in the database.

Challenges we ran into

  1. Implementing CSS Grids and Cards into our web app,without breaking the layout of the app.
  2. Using the plethora of Javascript Libraries available,and perfectly integrating them.
  3. Adding the 2nd mode-Alive Mode which was a hefty task!
  4. It is the first time for some of our members to develop something like this.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. The Idea of Implementation of 2 modes for a Single-Landing Page,One Minimalistic and One more Alive,hence the two modes!
  2. The 'Alive Landing Page' using parallax effect which took a lot of time positioning floating objects.
  3. The Clear and Sleek Design in Minimalistic Mode.

What's next for Controlion?

  • Adding even more additional devices and making this a full-fledged app!
  • Applying User Authentication and Tracking and bringing it to as many users as possible!
  • Add an energy saving mode to using a react-widget that calculates the appliance load and daily usage,and such other statistics and gives this extra information to the user,who can use it to for energy saving in their homes.

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