Using a controller is so passé! Now you can control your character in Oculus Rift just by walking in the real world! Wear the DrumPants' pressure-sensitive foot pedals in your shoes and move your character forward by walking in place. Tap the DrumPads in your clothes to jump and shoot.

You can play all types of games without needing to hold a controller! We tried it with Quake (awesome), Upwards (a jumping game - quite a workout!), Radial-G (racing game - use the foot pedals as gas and brake).

There was actually very little coding involved - the DrumPants app allows you to assign keystrokes to a wearable DrumPad, so we assigned the foot pedals to type the "up arrow" key so it would move you forward each time you stomp your foot. Took a little tweaking to get the right amount of velocity for each game, but then it was super fun!

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