DAOs changed our lives. Brought passion, fun, and decentralization to us. But we’ve all been lurking around in too many discords, trying to make ourselves useful and start contributing. We talked with a bunch of DAOs and community members and we tried solving it! Looking at the impressive lineup of new DAO tools; Yearn’s Coordinape, Snapshoots voting, source creed – we could fill up the gap in between!

What it does

We wanted to create a bridge between DAO governance and action. Using the example of governance voting from Tally, we also integrated a subgraph from Snapshop to show you that it works for multiple tools and data of your choice. The DAO gets a bounty/task board that members can contribute to. Get on their discord, talk with the task owner and deliver the project once it's done – You’ve just started gaining tokens, reputation, and achievements. Browse other DAOs and look at their task board, start getting on-chain credentials and climb the leaderboard.

How we built it

Using proposal data from Tally as a data source, Standardbounties for the smart contracts to follow best practices and other tools including Next.js, Solidity, Typescript, ethers.js.

Challenges we ran into

We got to sit down with Kevin from Gitcoin who gave us some great feedback. We wanted to create something more sustainable than turning people into bounty hunters with the sole purpose of quick offs. A better way for DAOs to get their members to start contributing and make it easier for the core team and DAO to decide on future core contributors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We hope we've created one way of making contributing easier and a more fun way for members of a DAO. Increase the DAOs visibility and a beginning of an on-chain portfolio with validated tasks for the anons.

What we learned

It’s a rollercoaster of doubt and feeling that this actually could work! Every DAO works differently, but DAO tools are awesome. Lastly, bounties are more complex than anticipated.

What's next for Contribute

We think focusing on DAOs with treasury’s, a defined leadership, and clear docs on how they work are most suitable for this tool.

Our future vision also includes: Discord integration Staking, if you don’t complete it you get slashed, to create "skin in the game" for contributors! Varied degrees of quality and assessment. We want to make it fun, gamified! With additional features to the leaderboard, achievements, and XP. Multi-user claiming Dispute resolution Verifying DAO memberships on-chain (I.e. if you've been paid by the DAO, the DAO can sign off on your membership). Ideally, a good first step to becoming a core contributor.

We're making the selection of new core team contributors for DAOs – easier!

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