Gary Vaynerchuk, founder of VaynerMedia, continually states that social media has the greatest ROI for advertisers. He always tells his audience to max out their Instagram daily message quota by messaging influencers with their product or service. It's a very time intensive task, however, it could take a company from moving thousands to millions of dollars worth of product overnight.

Another problem is the demonetized problem on Youtube. Creators are consistently having their videos demonetized by Youtube's content filtering algorithm. This has led major creators to look for 3rd party sponsors as their main sources of income. However, there isn't a platform where influencers and companies can be easily be connected together.

What it does

It allows you to hire social media influencers (Twitter for now) through a mobile app and have the payment held in a smart contract escrow that triggers once the influencer has met the given requirements.

When a sponsor opens the app, they are presented with a list of influencers. They select one they like, read up on their demographics, and then they can choose to contract that influencer. Then they can select if they want a retweet or have the influencer create a tweet. Finally, the payment amount is presented with the address being the address of the smart contract.

How I built it

Built the smart contract with Oracalize. Built the UI and frontend with Swift.

Built With

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