People we know who independently do contracted work shared their experiences not being able to find work and often being marginalized.

What it does

contractr provides a place for independent contractors to discuss jobs and clients, and work towards a better status quo that sees contractors being treated well and properly compensated. contractr also has a portion that helps contractors find jobs during their downtime. In this way the customer is happy because they get the job they needed done quickly, the contractor is happy to fill an otherwise unproductive time slot, and contractr make money to keep its discussion board feature afloat. In this way contractr can continually fund itself, and improve the lives of independent contractors everywhere.

What we learned

From data online we saw that few independent contractors get all 8 hours of work per day, and on average about 10/40 hours per week or 25% of time is lost to downtime in between calls and jobs. An already stressful and relatively low paying job, puts independent contractors further into hardship. 7 out of 10 independent contractors face client nonpayment at least once in their careers. For unpaid independent contractors, client nonpayment can cost an average of $6000 annually.

We realized that this was a much bigger issue than we had imaged when we first had the idea, and we think we can really make a big difference in improving the lives of independent contractors.

What's next for contractr.

We want to build out our platform and start in a couple areas with a couple professions and then slowly expand with referrals. With referrals we will be able to keep out the spam that usually makes up online communities.

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