Any smart contract that is ready for real world application needs to be audited first before entering into service. Unaudited contracts risk user and developer funds and can cause all of the project to collapse in seconds. For this reason, smart contracts are being audited by specialists in this field. This auditing style comes with some considerations. First is that the auditing is expensive. Smart contracts need to be audited often and in detail and each audit can become a serious burden on the developers/company. Secondly, auditing is not instant and generally must follow the availability of the auditors.

Contractorium aims to address expense and availability issues by providing smart contract auditing service anywhere and anytime at an affordable price. To do that scalable, secure and fast Fantom Blockchain will be used to create a ground for Contractorium to provide services on. Secondly powerful Artificial Intelligence tool ChatGPT will be used to audit smart contracts.

What it does

Contractorium provides auditing service for the smart contracts. An interested person can visit the website of Contractorium and upload their smart contracts to get an audit report. These reports will contain vulnerabilities detected and areas to improve. After the developer addresses these the points mentioned in the report, he/she can reload the contract to the system and get a second review. Then this process can repeat agains for a third report and on. After Contractorium reports are well consumed by the developer team, a final report by an actual smart contract auditor can be asked.

In this context, Contractorium will provide preliminary auditing reports that will fasten the process of smart contract deployment process.

How we built it

Contractorium contract is deployed on Fantom Blockchain for fast, secure and cheap transactions. Fantom Blockchain is becoming ever popular, and there is an untapped potential for smart contract auditing services. By building on Fantom, Contractorium aims to reach a global user base. Users who want to use Contractorium will need to pay CONTOR token to the Contract which is pegged to FTM with 12 to 1 ratio. Current price for obtaining a report is 1 CONTOR per contract. CONTOR is an ERC20 token which acts as facilitator for the website services. Users who need to buy CONTOR can do so by using the website of the Contractorium.

The website is prepared with React.js and with its modern state management tool Zustand. The website connects with ChatGPT API. Users auditing requests are sent to ChatGPT and answers from it are returned to website. Each request takes around 20-30 seconds which includes confirmation of payment transaction on Fantom, contract evaluation process by ChatGPT and all response-request process.

Challenges we ran into

Contractorium project makes use of various advanced technologies. Creating a blockchain project with artificial intelligence is challenging to form. Also, project is intended to be financially independent, so, it was challenging to formulate a financial framework for the project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we could make use two leading technologies Fantom Blockchain and ChatGPT Artificial Intelligence in the same project. And we are also proud that the project can really touch the ground and add value to many smart contract initiatives.

What we learned

We have learnt that we do not need to shy to put together two advanced technologies together (blockchain and AI). We have also learnt that projects can really add values to many other projects.

What's next for Untitled

Next, we are planning to create a membership structure for the project, upgrade its contract to an “upgradable” one. We will forward the project to venture capital firms to see if they would be interested in our project. We are planning to get into touch with greatest 500 blockchain projects listed on CoinMarketCap website. We will let them to test our site for free.

Also, we will deploy the project to Fantom mainnet after we complete tests and audits.

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