Contracts of the same type often have the same sections. When attorneys want to write a new contract, it is convenient to look at similar sections in the same type of contract.

What it does

It allows user to select the type of contract as well as the sections to compare.

How we built it

First we used Kira to tag different sections in a contract and then we stored the key-value pairs, with section names being the keys and the blocks of text being the values. We used PHP and JavaScript to write a webpage to interact with users.

Challenges we ran into

The codes to access Kira are not working properly, so we have to manually upload the contracts and get back the key-value pairs from the Kira website.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We learned the functions of Kira API and HP API. We are also proud that we used our knowledge to the problem in real world.

What we learned

We learned to interact with people from different backgrounds and to work problem out together.

What's next for Contract Comparison Tool

To implement codes to access Kira and further improve the user interface.

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