I'm regularly doing one more contract work with clients, and sometime managing those long contract become cumbersome, so I decided to use Jira for managing contracts and break my contract down into smaller atomic requirements, various negotiations and also validations for fulfilment of contracts.

What it does

This application uses Jira to store contracts, and shows them in one place with all it's requirements, negotiations, and validations.

How I built it

I used Atlassian Forge platform to build. To keep it simple I added a custom field for marking a issue as Contract, Requirement, Negotiation or Validation. Later I build a Forge Custom UI page to render all contracts in one place for a given project.

Challenges we ran into

Finalising requirements, and limiting my self with functionality.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Full fledged app that marry Forge and Atlaskit.

What's next for Contract Book

As a next step, I want to run a pilot with few people and also build a confluence Macro to display contracts on beautiful canvas. I would like to feature to link contracts with customers, while also managing customer profile in Jira.

Built With

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