Lenders who often lend sometimes do so blindly. We would like to make it easier for them to decide which asset is safe, and therefore potentially more valuable.

What it does

Based on the address input, the output is: STAGE 1

  • contract deployment date
  • how many transactions has been made so far

How we built it

  • contract risk research
  • choosing tools
  • binary search

Challenges we ran into

No function that tells the contract deployment date - had to make our own.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Block number search in the most efficient way we have been capable of. :)

What we learned

Never give up!

What's next for Contract Analyser


  • how many addresses interacted with the contract so far
  • ratio number transactions amount versus unique addresses amount
  • which ERC functions are implemented
  • to what extent is the given function identical to the OpenZeppelin library: 100 % or not

Stage 3: other security check functions

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