We originally centered our idea around the theme of the competition, "The Past," by planning a two-player game set at the Boston Tea Party. That idea is now in "the past," as we removed the historical element from our game to focus on creating an interesting, two-player game with a clean and simple design. Our game is called "ContraBox", and is played by two players using the same keyboard and mouse in a two-player Rush Hour-inspired interface. Players alternate moving either their main box or one of their obstacle boxes on each turn, and win by navigating their main box to the exit on the far right of the game grid. Because players can have control of either their main box or one of their obstacle boxes, one cannot simply box in their opponent with obstacle boxes, and their opponent could then do the same to the original player. As a result, one must carefully consider strategy in moving their obstacles throughout the game. We are most proud of our collision feature, which prevents any two boxes in the grid from overlapping. This allows each box to act as an obstacle for the others.

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