Contra Corona

Contra Corona is a multiplayer top-down shooter game, that was built for CodeVsCOVID19 hackathon.


One of the problems that affects us due to corona virus outbreak is social isolation, which for many of us consequently leads to lower mood. What is a better way to improve our spirits, than a little bit of sense of humour?

Contra Corona is the game, that teaches you how important it is to stay at home. You are divided into two teams: Red and Blue. Each of you start the game at their team house, where you are safe and no one can infect you. The moment you leave your house you can spread the virus, and sure you gain points for infecting your opponents, but you lose points by spreading the disease among your teammates, so actually the best move is to stay at home and not to play, thus both teams neither lose nor gain points, but at least we all stay healthy and our healthcare systems are not overloaded.


Both modules (backend and frontend) need to be started separately, but in the same way:

npm install
npm start


All emojis designed by OpenMoji – the open-source emoji and icon project. License: CC BY-SA 4.0


player, Author tokka - Colors were changed. CC-BY 3.0, GPL 3.0

assets and background, Author chabull CC-BY 3.0

boxes, Author: chabull CC-BY 3.0

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