If we are at home. Time to think. Time to rethink. We have the time to explore ourselves. Together with friends and family. The ones we are surrounding ourselves with. And a game that connects us with infinite possibilities. A construction game. For our minds, bodies and hearts. A game made of sticks and beeswax in its basic version.

And a game played online, that provides seeds to innovate as a global community around our personal, local and global challenges.

What is it _ The beeswax game._ Become an inventor, an architect, a designer or whatever you find. Sticks and Beeswax. Different sizes. Endless possibilities to build and to create. The sticks form the shape. The Beeswax connects. Every round of gaming brings you to a new level to connect with nature, your own reality and the people around you.

Build Big Bike trailers, boats, tables, tent structures, kitchen furniture: According to your needs and your imagination, you can build with the game at scale. If you want to be an environmental superhero, use the materials around, that you repurpose. Like palm fronds and plastic bottles. Or start using the game itself in your real life. To create lamp shades, gifts or whatever you find.

Many players have described the game as life changing. It has resulted in changes in awareness, behaviour, and material environment. In the hands of kids it’s simply a teacher, their minds are elastic and it becomes a simple tool for bringing their imagination into reality.

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