Context is the app that knows when and where you are and allows you to keep up with the latest breaking news, events and stories around you.

The story of Context

Our team started from two questions: How can we deliver news in context, on the move? Taking a step back, what is context?

Context denotes time and space, and we decided to bring both these concepts into news. And we did it while giving voice to the voiceless.

The development of Context

The framework that we built is double sided: one one hand it promotes and supports local media outlets, and on the other it enables news delivery to people on the move.

The team did an excellent work over the weekend to bring to life an Android app for news delivery, a web interface for media outlets and a back-end smart solution.

The notification system in the Android app works off the back-end, which constantly monitors feeds from local newspaper websites, parses its copy and extract neighbourhood coordinates. All the systems work and, to be honest, look pretty.

What Context is proud of

The whole system is ready and could be released tomorrow, enabling hundreds of thousand of local media outlets to deliver their content - effortlessly - in the right place, at the right time.

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