Tedious and repetitive checking for weather, home security, and bus schedule every morning. This calls for automation!

What it does

ConText texts you notifications about your everyday life :) Mornings are always a rush. Need to get out of bed, figuring out the weather and how to dress, grab keys and head out of the door. What if you’re wondering if your home is safe as you are on the bus ride to school and work? ConText monitors your home security, and will text you updates if there’s anyone visiting at your door. Every morning when your alarm rings, ConText will inform you if you should take an umbrella or put on sunscreen, as well as how fast you need to wolf down your waffles to catch your morning bus to work

How we built it

Hardware: Interfacing the ultrasonic sensor with the Raspberry Pi, python script with twilio to send text to a Messagebird server to give updates on if there’s someone at your door :) Software: StdLib with messagebird, google maps platform API for bus schedule, openweathermap for the weather data

Challenges we ran into

Setting up Raspberry Pi and embedded OS with limited resources on campus.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

ConText allows me to sleep in an extra 10 minutes in the morning xD

What we learned

If you need something, go get it.

What's next for ConText

Update you with more ConText(s) in your time :D For example: text you with your class schedule to remind you to bring the labkit before you leave the house

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