ContentPro was born out of lessons learned over the years operating as a sales and marketing consulting agency. We found that the tools we used to service each client could be developed into a suite of self-service SaaS offerings.

What it does

ContentPro is a Chrome Extension that helps content marketers and writers create their best work. The tools analyzes your blog/article as you begin working on it, compares your text to our archive (updated every day) of company blogs, and feeds you similar results that you can use to refine your piece.

How I built it

We have compiled the most thorough and up-to-date archive of companies and their related blogs and articles. Going beyond RSS feeds, we have created an efficient data acquisition pipeline that captures articles in real time. We are using AWS infrastructure along with Elasticsearch to make the data highly available and searchable to our users.

Challenges I ran into

The startup costs for data-intensive applications can be high. Creating an efficient and cost-effective AWS strategy using high-end tools like Elasticsearch is certainly a challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have identified a market need and created an application that fills it. We are excited to see how this type of technology can improve the research process of not just content creators, but anyone who has a research-driven writing process.

What I learned

Listen to your customers. By serving customers in a consulting role, we were able to listen and understand what their needs truly are.

What's next for ContentPro by Automata

Launch and grow!

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