This is also inspired from a similar approach available for WordPress and we wanted to have it submitted to Codegeist.

What it does

It enables users to rate content in two dimensions: a specific criterion, like structure, and a value from 0 to 100. This is more fine grain, than just simple likes and though gives more specific feedback on the contents quality. This (hopefully) helps users to improve the general quality of their wiki.

How I built it

Using the standard Atlassian SDK stack...

Challenges I ran into

Active Objects and multiple database systems, especially installing Oracle and MSSQL.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Improved internal infrastructure for testing again multiple dbms.

What I learned

More about installation, configuration... of Oracle and MSSQL database systems.

What's next for Content Rating for Confluence

  • Statistics! After collecting data for a while it is necessary for users to find content which can/should be improved.
  • More configuration options for spaces and pages.

Built With

  • atlassian-sdk
  • jquery-knob
  • jquery-know
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