To help with identifying content that should not be played on the radio. While music may already be marked as explicit, it might contain content that the broadcaster does not want to play for their listeners.

What it does

Analyzes spotify playlists and identifies tracks that contain explicit content. After accessing the spotify api, a playlist is selected and then analyzed, track by track, to identify explicit material. The user can choose to create a duplicate playlist containing only the clean content.

How I built it

Spotify API, LyricWikia API, IBM-Watson Ruby SDK

The majority of the logic is in a library of functions that are then accessed by the frontend application

Challenges I ran into

Authentication to modify playlists in spotify

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It mostly kinda functions

What I learned

Sinatra and the spotify api

What's next for Content Cop

Modify the functionality to work without hardcoded routes and accounts in the environment Add other music libraries such as Apple Music Publish the library code to RubyGems

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