What it does

Our chrome extension allows our users to remove paragraphs that contain triggering words. While we joke about using the extension to block messages about work in the video, our extension can be used in a more serious way in exposure therapy. "Exposure Therapy is where psychologists create a safe environment in which to 'expose' individuals to the things they fear and avoid. The exposure to the feared objects, activities or situations in a safe environment helps reduce fear and decrease avoidance." Our extension helps create that environment by allowing the user to act normally on social media while slowly integrate themselves back into a normal environment. For more information about Exposure Therapy, our app, and our team check out our demo website in our github repo under website>01 Datarc>datarc>index.html.


In all honesty, the application started as a joke extension for the theme of Hackation, but as we developed the product we became away of the more serious uses. We both have several family and friends that have suffered from either Anxiety or PTSD. As a matter of fact, around 8% of Americans have be diagnosed with PTSD and 18.1% of American are currently suffering/diagnosed with anxiety. Thankfully, 90% of those whom received exposure therapy have recovered. Unfortunately, many people are unable to receive treatment because of monetary/social reasons. Our Chrome Extension works in both a formal setting and an informal setting. Those who wish to seek treatment but do not wish/are unable to get formal help can download and monitor their own settings!

How we built it

We built the extension on Google Chrome using json, html, css and javascript. We created our website through bootstrap, html, and css. We registered the domain "www.contentconcealer.online" for our demo page. Brendan mainly worked on our website and branding while Danielle mainly worked on the extension itself.

Challenges we ran into

  • Brendan had no prior experience with HTML or CSS, but Danielle was able to help him out and guide him through his first website!
  • Neither of us had experience with creating a chrome extension, but Google has a lot of great resources and tutorials that we were able to take advantage of!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Brendan made his first website!
  • Danielle made her first chrome extension!
  • We educated ourselves on important issues.
  • We had FUN!

What we learned

We learned a lot about mental health's relationship to technology through our research with anxiety, PTSD, and exposure therapy. If you would like to learn more about exposure therapy, check out our demo site! We also learned how to work as a team on a code by using github!

What's next for Content Concealer

If we had the time, we would figure out how to get the extension on the Chrome Store. We could also expand Content Concealer's capabilities by using Object Recognition to block out objects and create a word storage bank to allow the user multiple entries. We will also expand it beyond just google chrome.

Hope You All Had A Great Time This Weekend! Goodluck!

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