Our fearless creative director Xan had the inspiration for this escape game. It creates a sense of dissonance and alienation. It is based on the story of an alien, you, who has been trapped by humans in the 1940s, and needs to escape to its home planet. As you search for a way out of your prison, you are accompanied by a journey of self discovery as you eerily discover that you are not human.

What it does

You find yourself trapped in a mysterious interrogation room. Through your problemsolving you are able to escape to the rest of the building. you explore and destroy to find your way out. Along the way you learn disturbing, or heartening, information about your own species.

How I built it

We had a great team who were mostly new to game development, with a few experienced devs. We brainstormed ideas based on the creative vision. The team crafted the narrative, modifying gradually to conform to technical limitations. Our artist sourced resources. Our dev team created an architecture and divided up the work. Our sound team created ambience We divided the work, continuously testing, integrating and troubleshooting. At midnight we scaled back ideas to make it doable.


We definitely picked an extremely ambitious project for a single weekend. Our game got corrupted one hour before completion. Puns happened.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Everyone learned a huge amount. The team worked well together despite some not sleeping all night. Exposure to different capabilities enabled a lot of learning. Hard work and determination created an incredible amount of progress in a single weekend.

What I learned

Tons of technical skills and team skills.

What's next for Containment

Government agencies may choose to take on this experience to explore empathy building for extraterrestrial diplomatic engagement. VR arcades may be very interested to start hosting this game, with just a tad more polish.

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