So the main reason behind building this application was that It’s a very very disturbing fact that nearly 6 million trees are cut every year to make 100 billion business cards worldwide. We thought about this and came to the conclusion that is it really necessary to waste so many resources and harm mother nature and as a result, we came up with a solution because of which neither mother nature will be harmed nor there will be any loss of opportunity for a person and hence we came with a brilliant idea.

What it does

Our application what it does basically is that digitalizes the whole process of sharing business card details helping save trees and mother nature and even reducing chances of physical contact with people so I will be providing a rough idea of how our application works:-

  • You open the application go through the login/ registration process once as you do not have to do it again.
  • Now you go to the dashboard where you will be able to witness six features Add Card, Card Wallet, My Card, Profile, Requests, Settings.
  • If a person wants your business card details you click on my card it will show your unique QR code.
  • Now the other person scan's it and you will get a request from him.
  • You can either accept or decline his request if you accept his request the other person will be able to see your details otherwise he/she will not be able to see your details.
  • In another scenario if you reject his request then that request will get deleted from the database. image

How I built it

  • The first most important this we did was brainstorming the idea.
  • Next as we came to know that due to business cards there is so much waste of resource happening we thought to develop an application solution to this.
  • Next we noted all the tasks that were required to be done.
  • We distributed the tasks to be completed among ourselves.
  • Our efforts aligned and we were able to build this application.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

So as of now, we are newbies to the world of hackathons and we hope to explore this fantastic arena more. First of all, we are Thankful to Hack the U,(it’s sponsors) and MLH for letting us participate in this hackathon. More than anything we enjoyed building the application in the given time frame and even more happy that we were able to think of a solution to the problem to solace our community, On top of all this we are absolutely certain that the bonding of our team members has increased to a next level. And now We are looking forward to participating in more hackathons, And solve more such problems and make this world a better place!

What's next for ContactME

  • According to us this is a nice concept and if implemented by people then we can save mother nature from the harmful impact that using business cards is causing.
  • We will try approaching small scale businessmen and tell them about our application and make sure that they use it because the more no of people start using this the lesser destruction will be caused to our planet and as a result, we will be able to move in the direction of sustainable development.
  • As of now it's only for android users we will try to make this in flutter so that it can be even used by ios users and the wider the reach lower will be the destruction of resources.
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