Companies are mandated by the government in Canada to ensure that their employees can fulfill a checklist of questions as well as a temperature-check on the daily. This process is extremely inefficient and causes there to be an unnecessary high level of contact between employees and managers and can easily be optimized and made safer.

How does it work

Our device will plan to create space and atomize this process to make it as safe and quick as possible while also meeting legislated guidelines.

How we built it

Our solution is essentially an employee-scanning self device that will automate this entire process for companies and small businesses alike. An automated device that consists of a temperature sensor module, a touchscreen monitor as well as a mini-computer to bridge it together (Raspberry Pi 4).

Challenges we ran into

One particular challenge we ran into was getting the temperature sensor to work. We've worked with multiple sensors and connected it to our system to ensure everything works as expected. We are on track to fixing our sensor and get it to match system requirements.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of what we have accomplished, the device was brought to a Walmart store where we got feedback from the store manager. An important thing to consider is the device is relatively cheap and provides efficient work and is extremely reliable. Our product is very user friendly and intuitive. This strengthens our belief that we can really help small businesses, health departments during these unprecedented times.

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