What it does

Contact is an interactive dance floor, that reacts to touch and steps. It lights up based on touch. There are some interactive games, like Twister and Pong, that can be played on Contact as well. It is controlled via the Nexpaq app, on a phone or other device with the Nexpaq app.

How we built it

We built a capacitive touch sensor using RC circuits. Then we hooked up a string of LEDs and figured out how to program with them. We built the housing and hardware necessary for the dance floor to be able to withstand weight. Simultaneously, we were exploring the Nexpaq system, to understand it and figure out how we could incorporate that with the rest of our hardware to use it as a remote, controlling what minigame is on the dance floor.

Challenges we ran into

The wood housing was difficult to build, as the glue would not hold very well and the pieces weren't quite exact sizing. Since there were so many tiles on the dance floor, each of which needed its own capacitive touch sensor, we needed to use multiple Arduinos instead of just one, which became quite complicated.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfully implemented capacitive touch.

What we learned

We learned a lot about:

  • how capacitive touch works and how to implement it
  • the Nexpaq API and system
  • how to communicate between Arduinos and systems ## What's next for Contact We want to make the housing and LEDs more robust, with thicker wood, so that you can stand on them more safely. We want to make it more aesthetically pleasing by replacing the copper tape with a thin wire mesh, such that it does not block light from the LEDs. ## Applications
  • Teaching people how to dance
  • Physical therapy

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