Contact tracing has been shown to be the most effective method of combating the spread of COVID19. The current method to do this involves a person making phone calls and asking people with COVID19 questions about everywhere they went in the past 2 weeks.

What it does

The app will log the time and users location every minute into a file. At the end of the day the file is uploaded to a server. each user is tagged as "COVID19" "At Risk" or "Healthy" The server will check that data against other users that have matching location and time data. The server will then send a notification back to the user if they have been within 6 feet of a person who has COVID19 or is "AT Risk"of having it. If a user has been tested positive for COVID19, an admin(healthcare worker) can log into the server and change the users health statues to "COVID19" when this is done, the server will check its 2 week log of location data and send notifications to all users that that person has been in contact with. The server will only keep data for a 2 week period. This will save on server space and help with fears of government tracking. The admin can also change users status back to healthy when the user recovers from Covid19

How we built it

watched the workshops to get info on google firestore used Figma to build a wire from for the app Used android studio to build app make $50 free account on google firestore. (took way longer than needed, technical issues) integrated firestore into app. at this point we realized that there was not enough time to finish the firestore integration =(

Challenges we ran into

coordinating tasks with a team members that have never met and only through the internet. setting up the firestore account due to email issues. it was sorted out at 10:00 a.m.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

coordinating with each other
getting the app to work with online servers adapting project requirements to accomplish as many of the goals as possible with the time left

What we learned

server app communication android app creation, frontend and backend, how to use google firestore time management

What's next for Contact Tracking App

Finish the app and firestore integration. Get it in the hands of a population that is experiencing a COVID19 outbreak. Add more data analyses in the server to find hot spots of infection, which can find asymptomatic people. and give predictions on areas where COVID19 will easily spread.

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