In my country, many stores use a similar system to track which customers entered and left their business at what time. This allows them to notify clients who were in the store at the same time as an infected individual and helps businesses contact trace.

What it does

It is a login/logout system where customers just write what time they entered, left, and their phone number. All this information is put into a CSV spreadsheet.

How I built it

The code was built in python and is remarkably simple. The fact of the matter is that I did not have much time or expertise to work on my submission. The code work by setting a few text input boxes, labels, and a submission button. Once submit is pressed, a function called submit is called which adds all the input boxes to a CSV using a library called pandas.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have only been coding for about a month now so this project is very simplistic. However, I had to learn a lot to make the program not be just a console and that I am proud of. I also was able to really challenge my troubleshooting and online forum skimming skills.

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