Problem: People do not like lockdowns, stay-at-home orders and limits to their behavior/ They believe that lockdowns are the only way to suppress the epidemic. Thus, they believe the epidemic can't be suppressed long-term and a "herd immunity strategy" is the only viable strategy. That is dangerous.

Solution: We created a prototype of a video game that shows how you can contain an outbreak of a disease in a small town, using contact tracing. This show people in a fun way that it is possible to contain or suppress the disease without long-term lockdowns.

What have we done: We created the Contact tracing video game, a Windows game where, as an epidemiologist, you must contain an outbreak of COVID-19 before it gets out of hand. You do this by reading test results, tracing contacts, and ordering quarantine and tests.

Impact: If people understand the value of contact tracing, they may be more willing to install contact tracing apps and also follow hygiene rules and restrictions in general, and may be less discouraged, because they have more hope. Ultimately, the game aims to give people information and hope.

In order to continue the project: There's a number of improvements that could be made to make this game feel better (like music, graphics, tutorial and more advanced gameplay features). If the game were made not as a prototype but it actually felt like a video game, youtubers and social media influencers could spread it and it could reach many more people.

Value after crisis: This could be a cool game.

Built With

  • c#
  • livecharts
  • wpf
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