The advancement in technology and the availability of resources in this corona virus pandemic inspired me to build a product which is useful for the society.

This project clean/sanitise the hands without touching the bottle i.e keeping hand at a distance from the mouth of the bottle.

I built it by using hardware components which includes infrared sensor, water pump motor, integrated circuit and battery.

while building i came across the challenges such as soldering the the pins of the I.C and Sensor, controlling the output speed of the motor, etc.

I am proud that i have made a low cost/ cost efficient product which can be used by the society in this pandemic situation to keep oneself clean and safe from corona virus.

I learned to make project with less components, in return less amount and the major thing I learnt is using the available resources to make societal benefit products.

The next thing is i'll optimise this solution/project and overcome the drawbacks which this project posses.

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