After seeing the gulf of mexico fire, and the deepwater horizons explosion, We were horrified. Horrified to see such ecological negligence, and horrified to see the lack of accountability. It's not every day you see massive explosions in the ocean, so when I see these massive companies quietly escaping persecution I'm aggravated. So I thought of making a simple tool to help everyday people hold these conglomerates accountable.

What it does

It provides a fast and easy interface to access the contact details of various energy and oil companies.

How we built it

Using C# and WPF, we built up the UI of the program then populated it with various companies.

Challenges we ran into

Finding the contact details of various companies. Figuring out the most efficient way to store the data in the program.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of the use of User controls to abstract 90% of the display data and prevent excessive code repetition.

What we learned

What's next for Contact Aggregate

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