What it does

*ContaCollect allows you to aggregate all of your forms of contact and links to your social media profiles in one convenient place. You can share all of this information with people you meet, or pick specific things to keep private to a select few people. If someone wants to contact you via email, but doesn't have it, they can retrieve it if you've already shared it with them via ContaCollect. If you change your email address or phone number, you can keep everyone updated on this without sending anyone your new information manually - they're automatically updated!

How it works

Google Firebase is used for user authentication and data storage (via Firestore). The website frontend is written in ClojureScript and uses re-frame.

What I learned

How to use the re-frame library to create web apps with ClojureScript

Future Goals

  • Scannable QR codes for ContaCollect profiles
  • User-defined groups (e.g. friends, coworkers, family, etc.)
  • Built-in forms of contact (e.g. email, phone, social media platforms such as Twitter)

Built With

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