My phone line is directly connected to my internet access; when robocalls come, I can't access the internet for about five minutes. I propose that all phones with Caller ID have a designated key, such as the * or # keys, to block robocalls or unwanted calls. Robocalls could accordingly be blocked during the call or subsequently. This would prevent future calls to that number and transmit information to the FTC. Along with individual consumers blocking calls, the FTC could consolidate blocked call alerts. A # or a * could appear before phone numbers which have been alerted to the FTC as robocalls. A consumer could then be offered a blocking option by the cellular or landline company. In summary, I propose a solution where consumers, the FTC and phone providers block robocalls in partnership. Consumers block individual calls and alert the FTC, which reports these numbers to phone companies. The phone companies offer customers the option of not receiving these calls at all.

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