Company data provides the snapshot of the state of their business and is vital to the success of their discussions, decisions, and communications. But all of that communication is lost or incorrectly interpreted without proper data visualizations that provide legitimate information and exact representation of the numbers. Consumer Complaint data in Finance sector is collected by Financial Bureau for providing consumer protection. One of the ways to fulfill this charter is providing the public with data on various complaints generated. Since the complaints generation began, they have received close to more than half a million complaints regarding consumer finances. To understand about the financial sector organizations/businesses in US and how well they are performing their duties, their accessibility to customers and customer satisfaction and based on that to check if there is a need for reforms, visualization of consumer complaint data is important. It can help show whether businesses are serving the needs of their consumers. It also gives public officials information that helps them make decisions and policies, and can shed light on patterns that could be discriminatory. In this project, Visualizations are drawn upon the understanding of information design and visual communication to show you how to turn your raw data into meaningful information. Hence as said, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’, then a data visualization is worth at least a million.

What it does

Visualizations drawn upon understanding the consumer data over six million records using information design and visual communication showing how to turn raw data into meaningful information and provide derivable insights from data. Different Visualizations of the underlying data can be seen and interacted with dashboards at

How we built it

Analyzed the data set and cleaned the dataset Followed the methodology of visualization pipeline i.e: Data Acquisition->Data Visualization->Data Enhancement->Visualization Mapping->Rendering Then Developed Heat Maps, Dashboards using different technologies

Challenges we ran into

Dataset is very huge so making it available online without reducing the speed to interact with the dashboard in getting the results. Making it mobile optimized

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Development of dashboards through which business users can interact and make decisions easily. People with less or no technical background also can use these easily and get results. Customers can also see how companies are performing.

What we learned

We learnt data is huge and available for every company but the most important thing is they are seeing what to do with it.

What's next for Consumer Complaints Data Visualization

Develop more customizable dashboards for each company and make it dynamically updated

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