Through personal contact to doctors in heavily affected hospitals in Zurich and Zurich region, we learned that many people run to the hospitals without having to do so. They expose themselves to the public, potentially contracting themselves or others with COVID, and the hospitals have even more work to do than necessary. We want to tackle this key problem in the current COVID-crisis to help people, society and medical professionals.

What it does

We built a website where we provide a simple and fast way to connect to doctors, especially for the less IT-skilled, like elderly people. Contrary to current solutions, we can establish the virtual interaction between doctor and patient within few minutes. In addition, we refer to simple instructions in order to acquire vital parameters for the doctors assessment. We do NOT assess the patient for corona, but give a highly needed platform for physicians and patients to exchange. Quick, easy and safe.

How I built it

In these 48 hours we have constructed this website with implementation of video chat, instructions to gather vital signes and the automated sending of confirmation emails

Challenges I ran into

Beside major technical challenges such as setting up automated email sending, construction of the website and setting up of the chatroom, we found the identification our true client challenging. Will it be the patient? Is it the hospital? Or maybe insurances? After talking to mentors we decided the true need is coming from hospitals for COVID cases, as doctors are under pressure to deal with many patients.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The great work and commitment of every teammember directed to this project. The team spirit was astonishing and very remarkable until the end of these two intense but fulfilling days!

What I learned

There are many topics the whole team learned about. Getting to know each other, technical skills concerning web development, teamspirit, medical system in Switzerland, the situation and needs of medical professionals and many more.

What's next for ConsultNow

Contacting Hospitals, private clinics and medical professionals to pitch our idea to. We hope our solution will help to fight the challenges of COVID, but the idea could very well be prolonged. Interviewed doctors showed great interest in our system, hence a great opportunity for the future of ConsultNow.

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