Information: Our Inspiration Information is one of the key aspects that will make any issue at hand to be addressed as fast and as best as possible. Without accurate and timely information about a disease that started in a region in China, people have little knowledge of the health consequences it might bring to the population. Without detailed information about the risk and the effects, individuals might take careless attitudes that lead to a global pandemic. Without information access, we are still reluctant to accept we can get the novel coronavirus and spread the disease.

We have noted that data nowadays is led by social media influencers and users. Fake news and biased opinions on issues that separate from the main objective of informing accurately and timely has led to doubt among the population, chaos, and attitudes that affect us all, physically, mentally and economically. It is then crucial that information in social media is analyzed, that people have a space where they can validate, verify, recognize true information. This space must be a platform where experts in the field can comment on videos, publications, or messages.

Conecta y Conoce: Our platform Conecta y Conoce is a community based platform where expects can write their knowledgeable opinions on news that are being displayed in social media. This project is based for the Latin America region, as we understand that information to us goes through several entities before reaching out to the reader (as most formal information is given in English). We are building this platform to connect influencers and social media makers to give truthful information on the current problem.

This initiative not only addresses the problem of limited or valid information but it creates a reliable space where information is revised and anyone who wants to send out news can get reliability. We want to use the voices of hundreds of youtubers, health experts, researchers, journalists to update the population which is being consistently misinformed.

UNESCO Center for Peace: Our Team We are a team motivated by positive social change and action. We believe that every action we take is a great step towards achieving a better, more peaceful society. We are committed to making it happen and for that we have worked together in several projects such as UNESCO Center for Peace summer camp and Go-MUN. Though we lack programming skills, we believe that our experience with strategy and implementation of projects will lead us far in every endeavour we engage into. We are proud to have handled groups of 150+ students and carried out projects working from different locations. This requires time coordination, responsibility and willingness to be part of these social projects.

Consulta y Conoce: Our Future We will lead Consulta y Conoce to be the medium by which our aunts, cousins, grandparents, neighbors, and friends get reliable information. The project must not only address CO-VID19, but it will continue helping all Latin Americans too.

Stage1: Building the platform and starting to gather interested parties to collaborate. Delegate representatives along the region that will be in charge of carrying out the project. Stage 2: Select experts and invite journalists to the movement. Create a clear selection guideline for including them in our platform. Stage 3: Gather most relevant data and up to date information about COVID-19 and get social media influencers, news creators, journalists to use the platform and verify the information that will be shared. Stage 4: Work with region representatives, experts and the Latin American community to kick off with the project. Share it on the official social media accounts of “Consulta y Conoce” to boost up the platform.

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