We are already step to a new era of 2020. It means that lots of things that were not possible to be a reality in last 10 years must become already a common things.

Today we took this achievement and worked to solve an issue that was making lots of problems for millions store owners: A creation of Mobile Applications in short period, in high quality & cost efficient way.

We all know that creation of the mobile applications in general required a lot of effort knowledges & for sure money to accomplish its creation & release.

And most cases this all time & effort that was spent on mobile application development was not worthy at all. More read in medium article:

What it does

Const Apps is e-commerce mobile application builder. In an hour you can have your mobile application ready without technical knowledge & big investments. Its deeply integrates to your store without creating external data insertions or migrations. Its has integration with Woocomerce, Shopify & Magento. Applications that are built are not any webviews or PWA-s they are complied to fully native IOS & Android applications.

How we built it

We have used all newest tech that is available in a market.

Challenges we ran into

Launching our product in market.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have MVP ready and already have beta stage users who are working with us on a moment. Soon will have some accomplishments in sales.

What we learned

Its possible to solve problems

What's next for Const Apps

Add more Themes and also lunch it in market and gain paid customers.

Built With

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