Among creators, especially podcasters lack means to appropriately monetize their content or interact with the community. We took inspiration from what Podcasting 2.0 offers for the podcasting community, specifically regarding the value-for-value concept to support podcasters.

The existing heterogenous landscape of podcasting hosters and listening apps allows us to implement a solution that actually works right now and provides value to podcasters. This is perfectly in line with our goal to solve real problems by building viable solutions with the current state of technology .

What it does

Conshax enables censorship-resistant hosting for Podcasting 2.0. In doing so, Conshax enables the automatic distribution of Lightning payments according to the split structure of an episode. We offer new monetization opportunities for podcasters, and we enable community interaction.

How we built it

We built on the Podcasting 2.0 standard and Internet Computer capabilities. We used an asset canister and the IS20 standard for hosting episodes with tradable shares. We also used the http interface for generating RSS feeds compatible with web3 and web2 podcasting apps. Furthermore, we built a marketplace to trade shares of episodes. We made use of the Lightning network and Podcasting 2.0 to allow sharing of revenues.

What’s next for Conshax

We continue building the future for podcasters, and creators in general. We aim to enable a new era of podcasting. We want to take our project to the next stage by enabling creators to easily attach custom utility and thereby increase their opportunities to engage with the community and also monetize their content. Additionally, in the next few months, we will onboard real test users with the short-term goal of establishing a market presence.

While we are building our technical infrastructure primarily for the needs of podcasters, it is easily transferable to other creative fields in the future.

Built With

  • breez
  • candid
  • lightning-network
  • podcastindex
  • quick-xml
  • rust
  • typescript
  • voltage
+ 4 more
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