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Pitched at Zoohackathon DC ( Runner Up/Honorable Mention)


Conservationville is "Farmville"ing the conservation donor experience. A white-label mobile app adaptable to any local NGO/conservation/anti-poaching group that educates the public on poaching issues and makes "donating" a fun and gamified experience.


  • Most donors who give to wildlife conservation and species rehabilitation from poaching are 35 years old and up. (Yet most funding for organizations at the local level come from individual donors). We need to find an engaging way to get young people involved.
  • There is no "simple" solution exists to allow organizations to report about their conservation triumphs and pitfalls to donors to encourage more charitable giving.
  • Some NGOS have "adopt" an ____ species programs. However adoption of an animal starts at a very high price point (that makes it unaffordable to most millennials). Building a solution that makes "donating" easy and impactful, even in small amounts
  • Donations to conservation/poaching-prevention groups = an invisible process- no direct way to see where $'s go aside from annual reports
  • Programs poaching and public awareness can be enhanced with additional donor $s if organizations are able to fundraise more

What it does

  • Preview prototype made for Zoohackathon HERE

How I built it

  • *Prototype: sketch | flinto.
  • *Front-end: react-native
  • *Backend: node.js

  • APIS: Paypal, Stripe, Google and Facebook Login API

Challenges I ran into

  • Time (wish there was more of this)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Conservationville has IMPACT: Individuals making the difference on "real" species through conservation charity giving and poaching awareness. Fund generation of up to $100 million + for wildlife conservation/poaching prevention organizations

What I learned

  • a lot about various species that are widely poached around the world and the lack of education much of the general public has
  • the impact that fundraising and funding can have to stop poaching at the local level (esp to millennials and those 35 and under that is not a typical donor-base for these types of community based organizations).

What's next for Conservationville

  • looking to partner with NGOs and anti-poaching organizations around the world. If you want to get in touch, or have suggestions for organizations to partner with, leave your info in comments below!

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