Our inspiration is two-fold, the first is that blockchain should be easy-to-use and the second is to apply it to a meaningful use case. With ConsentUs it gave us the opportunity to do both of these in one project. We wanted to target the life sciences as it can impact peoples lives while making a seamless use experience.

What it does

Our responsive Web Application allows for two different types of users, administrators, and patients. Administrators can begin a new clinical study and permission patients to join the study. When a patient registers, we generate a key pair for them in browser to associate their identity with their interactions. From there, we track by making a blockchain-based transaction for when a patient has signed a Consent Document and has given their permission to partake in a trial. This allows for increased auditability of data and the opportunity for patients to own their own data.

How we built it

Using React and Bootstrap we created a responsive web application that gives administrators and patients different dashboards and features. At the core of our platform is the Immuto Javascript API that acts as an abstraction layer to Ethereum. The Immuto API allows us to record patient interactions that we hash and store on Ethereum. We take a copy of hash which we store in a Mongodb which

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges that we ran into we're trying to utilize existing bootstrap templates to create our web application. We then decided to make most of the web application from scratch by leveraging open source components to better understand our application's flow. While this enabled us to create things how we wanted it also led us to challenges such as routing.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our most proud accomplishment is that we felt as though we built a blockchain solution where we could impact human lives in a frictionless way. Our philosophy is to make blockchain as easy-to-use and unnoticeable as possible and we felt as though our application did a good job abstracting it. On the more technical side, we were proud of being able to make two fully functional user profiles which both had different user flows.

What we learned

Sometimes there is a way to find a better balance around customizability and flexibility. Many of our team members also learned React and some graphic design tools for the first time.

What's next for ConsentUs

We'd like to try to run a pilot of our application in a clinical trial to understand more of the painpoints we can address in the industry. Additionally, longer down the road we would like to figure out a way for patients to monetize their data.

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