Too much bureaucracy in corporate expense management.

Connects enterprises directly with their vendors. Employees no longer need to collect receipts and wait for reimbursement.

How we built it

• We formed an awesome global team from Russia, China, Taiwan, India and Dominican Republican with complementary skills • We leveraged IBM Design Thinking approach to brainstorm ideas, prioritize and narrow focus on solving the pain points in Corporate vendor payments process • We divided and conquered using an agile approach maximizing each team member's skills; we categorized the solution built in 3 sprints to generate MVP, then built out value added features • We used Microsoft Azure to run our blockchain • We used Quorum for permission private blockchain

Challenges we ran into

• Narrowing down the scope of the solution from B2B general payments to Travel and Entertainment expenses and then to the actual vendor payments • Defining the actual terms of the smart contracts, finding the balance of demonstrable and the real world complexity • Crafting the precise user journey and the preset requirements and executing in a way within the time constraints

Accomplishments that we're proud of

• Great diversity and team collaboration on complementary skills • First time using Quorum for the entire team

  • Private blockchain establishment

What we learned

• Further deepen our knowledge in the B2B Payments space for key players and industry reports

  • Refreshed our Design Thinking skills applying it in a swift format

What's next for Leapfrog

• Enhance the smart contacts through building multiple suppliers under different scenarios on the smart contracts use cases • Design the implementation steps for vendors, PoS set up and backend integration
Process the off-chain payments between the companies and vendors based on the Ethereum Tokens

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