Record GrowNYC supply chain transactions on the blockchain and have them visualized on a google map in real time. Use chainpoint proofs to prove that a particular item/product was at a location at a given point in time. (GrowNYC, Chainpoint)

Biggest problems: Traceability - being able to answer questions such as where did this case of strawberries come from. Manual work - a lot of manual effort is spent recording and piecing together history for particular items.

Use the Tierion API to perform delivery validation. I should be able to query on a particular item and get a linked list of that items history that is validated on Tierion and the BTC blockchain.


Record instance of item(s), equivalent to a packing slip or farmers label of an item.

POST /api/items/add
        "name": "Swiss Chard/Green", // name of the item (not necessarily unique)
        "unit": "12 BU", // quantity or size of the item
        "metadata": "Product of USA", // additional comments or info on this item
        "uuid": XXXX, // uuid of the item (string)
        "origin": Satur Farms NY 11935"
        "packDate": "05-08-2018"

Record deliveries of item(s)

POST /api/deliveries/add
        "itemId": XXXX, // uuid of the received item. (id)
        "locationId": XXXXX, // uuid of the receiving location (id)
        "lat": XXXX, // latitude of the receiver (float)
        "lng": XXX // longitude of the receiver (float)
        "timeMs": XXXXX // time of delivery (time ms)

Get the history of an item

GET /api/item/history
    "itemId": XXXX // uuid of the desired item (id)

Return all registered deliveries

GET /api/deliveries

Return all registered items

GET /api/items


  • /server: Server and api for submitting scheduling data.
  • /client: Client side reactjs website
  • /screenshots: Screenshots of app


  • Create Logo. X
  • Create API documentation. Understand the api interfaces and json body formats. X
  • Create basic marketing website UI design / or use framework that allows plugging in an API doc page. X
  • Add tests to server code.
  • Check items table for duplicates.

Dev Notes

Check the files in each subproject for how to start services.

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