The way we interact is fast changing, where desires rule and normal perceptions of planes of expression are not balanced.

The insight is that in this fast changing world, we need to be equally supported for an empowered positive and harmonious existence.

The social common-ness in all of us is a voluntary part called Goodwil, where this can help life and existence.

In the Conscious Leaf, while connecting to one and another, the expectation for any participant, or group, or family or entity is to show interest to safeguard, respect and support our life paths.

The act of social interaction where we often forward, post, recommend, show likes, or write feedback will need to include a Goodwill framework, where we can incorporate problem solving, necessary action for timelines and focal point support as sampled in the Conscious Leaf’s blog post called Customer Enabling.

We are at a periphery which can become autonomous for self-organization and sustenance.

What it does

Scope: The Web application is a landing page that can be accessed using any of the following: Web browsers Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Opera Browser, where platforms supported depends upon the browser and Wix. Installation: There is no separate installation required as all the web pages have been created using Wix

Functionality: The Web application allows a person, person(s), family, social circle, business, associated interested parties to create a Network type of users, where the Network type can be Social Networking, Quality Of Life, Conscious Endeavor, Conscious Need and Conscious Seed.

For a Network type, the members can either share text and non-verbal content (like images, content files etc).

The difference being that for a Network type, a specific element and subject of interest is selected to ensure communication, virtual communication and social networking is focused and enabling.

A member can either send or notify a member or all members of a Network type, where different additional clauses help search or filter matching information.

Again to help improve social performance, a Goodwill element is attached to each Network type, where the Goodwill element permits members, interested parties to act or assist in ways possible.

Depending upon the Network type, the network could be for social life, industry, business. governance and/or relevant decision making.

With the ability to add frameworks, systems, applications or tools to these Network types, people, businesses or stakeholders may find it easier to network and sense & respond to issues or problems affecting our furtherance.

Each Conscious Leaf type has a conceptual URL demonstrating the need for this type of social networking and furtherance.

Each Conscious Leaf type and its Network types, have a link to a document explaining purpose and strategic lifecycles.

How I built it

I have used the Wix framework and integrated what is commonly expected in social networking but with a sense & respond perception to participate and work together.

Challenges I ran into

Time constraint that did not permit me to convert the Excel tabulations into CORVID features

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Transitioning Perception and Surer Goodwill in social participation and official co-governance

What I learned

The pro-activeness to develop a complete implementation is considered more important than what will be demonstrated as basic tabulations or processes.

The web application in the form of a landing page links to other web sites/web pages that are appropriate for the use of CORVID features.

What's next for Conscious Leaf

The Conscious Leaf backed up by social participation and/or leadership can work via a domino effect to safeguard, respect and support normal perceptions of our life paths amidst manifestations that are volatile.

This deeper level of interaction is about “being physically distanced but virtually connected (via social networking)” where social participation and support can connect to all levels of our life paths to protect, to balance and to help problem solving in a manner that is a greater basis for empowered “accomplishment and relief”.

This social participation and platform for transition is built on the understanding that most of the countries and people are led by constitutional powers, legal policies, legal systems, logical and practical thinking that justice is the same for one and all.

We want a world where there is adept action for our timelines.

Therein as a part of the interest for this hackathon, the Conscious Leaf is a work-in- progress platform where we can understand social common-ness though being physically distanced.

Built With

  • adobe
  • microsoft
  • wix
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