The idea for a ConscienceLAND Flat File Wiki & Sust10 Validation System


Serving real NEEDS not WANTS is the Inspiration for the Gaia Catalog of ConscienceLAND.

People around the world are confused how to live a Lifestyle Of Health Happiness And Sustainability (LOHHAS).

Now, humanity has less than 10 years to solve the SDG's - the 17+1 Sustainable Development Goals. The 18th Goal is Individual Social Responsibility with "Lowsumption" and the COVID-19 pandemic showing us the way.

Developing the Gaia Catalog and Validation System we can begin to focus and serve SDG#12 - Responsible Consumption.

What it does

In the ecosystem, the team will build a universally accessible, simple, scalable flat file wiki to provide decentralized, citizen-scientist listing of discovered goods in the form of good products, good people and good places.

Sust10 = Sustainability

The ConscienceLAND team will initiate an adaptive, decentralized, authentic, transparent and immutable validation system based on the real needs of humanity.

Imagine bees buzzing around, seeking out sustainable flowers and nectar in the community, bringing the product back to the hive for their own consumption and evaluation and then telling all the other hives about the quality and sustainability of what they discovered. That's the natural biomimicry we're looking for in the Gaia Catalog.

The wiki/validation team is welcome to improve on this sequence, but here's an initial outline of actions a typical user of the Gaia Catalog might to start with:

1.) Find / discover a sustainable product.

2.) Claim responsibility / stewardship of that product.

3.) List it in the catalog wiki

4.) Publish it for validation by peers in ConscienceLAND

5.) Other citizens rate the listing on the basis of 3 finger Sustainability criteria

6.) Listing is released to the pubic catalog with validation mark and rating

7.) Listing is "tipped" with Fairpoints, SDGtokens of Appreciation, Caring Currency etc.

8.) Ranking of "hunter-gatherer" offers promotional and commercial opportunities

9.) Catalog serves real NEEDS with sustainable options, as opposed to unsustainable WANTS

10.) Flip the pyramid and bring power to the people.

All eligible participants will be given SDGtokens of Appreciation and free use of over 1000 ConscienceLAND CyberDomains at

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