I wanted to make a game since I can show off my knowledge of both Unity and my skills with blender. I also wanted to make a game that focused on a 3D environment since it would allow for better depth in combat. Eventually it turned into a game that is very skill based since it revolves around the idea of the one hit kill for both you and the enemies

What it does

It is a game that features a challenging combat system that rewards timing and knowing enemy patterns (even though there are currently only two). You must strike down your enemy faster than they can strike you down. Progress through an ever increasing amount of enemies until you have beaten them all

How I built it

I used Blender to model, rig, and animate all 3D models used in the game. These were then used in Unity along with many scripts that I wrote that could do many things such as the following: the animations, the enemy ai, the player character's movement and animation, etc. This all combined to make the game into a functional game.

Challenges I ran into

Some challenges I ran into included working with multistep animations since they required a complex structure in the animator controller. Also the collision was hard to get working correctly so that the damage colliders only did damage on specific frames of the animations. One challenge was animating the characters as I am not the best at animating human characters walking.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I proud of being able to get all the animations working as they were supposed to since this is the first time I have coded complex animations into Unity. I am also proud of the attack animations since they seem to be pretty good looking. I am also proud of the models and their animations since they were very effective and were made within and hour or two.

What I learned

I learned how to do complex animations in Unity. I learned how to do timers in Unity. I learned how to use new techniques in Unity.

What's next for Conqueror

More enemy movesets. More enemy types. A boss with complex movesets. Maybe even basic cutscenes

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