Every time I've had to organize or participate in group trips - destination weddings, conferences, etc - it seems to require lots of work and messaging just to keep everyone up to date, which inevitably slows down decision making that can be critical to the success of such events. Conphab is my attempt to take the hassle out of planning, and maybe even make it fun!

What it does

Conphab allows anyone to easily create a shared space via the website or email - this space is akin to a message dashboard, somewhat similar to Slack channels, with some key differences:

  • Email intergration - Conphab integrates completely with your email so that you can easily convert email threads into shared spaces to hold attachments and other data that you need handy. Also, email is still the main channel for lots of important information from 3rd parties: ticket confirmations, receipts, reminders, etc - so making email the backbone channel for Conphab ensures you can switch context between email and your collaboration spaces without missing a beat.
  • Parse documents attached to spaces to surface some key data that is important for decision making - for instance while you're searching for flights, knowing that 3 other participants in the same group are flying on a certain flight can be the tie breaker that you need to choose between seemingly equivalent options, allowing you to optimize for more than the usual metrics (layovers, cost, etc)

What's next for Conphab for Business Travel

Conphab is still in early Beta, but I'm excited to start exploring partnerships with inventory providers (airlines, hotels, etc) as well as event planners to build a product that will revolutionalize collaborative planning and travel. You can find out more at

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